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11-11-2013 Fishing Report
Well we had a great fall for fishing and the ducking hunting was good also. We are deer hunting now and the lake is starting to ice over. We are 99% booked for the up coming ice fishing season. I will not be posting fishing reports this winter so if you have a trip booked with us and want to know how the fishing is please call me and I will fill you in.
Jason Feldner
Perch~Eyes Outfitters and Lodging
Po Box 191
Minnewaukan, ND 58351
Home: 701-473-2533
Cell: 701-351-1294

8-5-2013 Fishing Report
We have had a few bumps in the road since the temps have cooled down both water and air. Fishing still remains good. Some days its mostly eaters and the next day you get a couple releasers. Trolling cranks is starting to heat up. I would have to say spinner and crawlers are best by far. We still have a few openings in aug. and sept. if you want to get one more trip in this year.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294 to book a trip.

7-2-2013 Fishing Report
All I can say is holy fish batman, we have been turning down a lot of guide trip because we are booked, we just had a big group of 12 cancel for the 15,16,17th of July if anyone is interested. Fishing is hot and the weather is great.

Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294 to book a trip.

6-8-2013 Fishing Report
Well the sun came out and the rain stopped and the fish started to bite again. Shallow is the word of the day. 6 FOW and less is the best. Pitching cranks and jigs and plastics. We still have a few openings if you're interested.

Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294 to book a trip.

5-16-2013 Fishing Report
The water is heating up fast with the ice off and warm temps. The walleyes are spawning hard and the males are feeding very well. We have some openings next week if anyone is interested. It's a great start to the season.
Keep your line tight. Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294 to book a trip.

3/17/13 Fishing Report
Well winter just won't turn into spring:'-( We have need getting blasted with snow but not to worry we have tracks on our trucks and can go, we are not limited. Just wanted to clear that up. I have had some phone call asking because off other guide services calling it for the year. Fishing is hit and miss nothing fast but good numbers by the end of the day. We have need all over the lake so to say what depth we are catching is literally all depths, flyers with minnow heads or spikes seem to be best. We are totally booked for this season and 50% for next year so do miss out if you want to join us next year.

3/09/13 Fishing Report
Well we ended up getting another foot of snow. The only way to travel on the lake is tracks or snowmobile. Fishing has slowed a bit with the snow cover. If I can get my customers to get outside and hole jump you end up with a good catch, nothing fast but steady. We had a customer get a 30.5 inch walleye WOW. He some pictures of some catches from the last ten days.
Keep your line tight. Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294 to book a trip.

2/11/13 Fishing Report
Well it has warmed up a bit and has been cloudy for 15 days :-(. Fishing is not fast but if you stick with it you end up with a nice batch of fish by the end of the day. We have been bouncing around a lot to catch fish. Some days driving as Far East as you can go. Lindy rattlen flyers seem to be best tipped with a minnow head. Tip up action for walleyes is slow most all fish coming on jig rods. Pike action is hot tho.  Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294.

1/29/13 Fishing Report
Fishing is really up and down with a few here and a few there and by the end of the day you'll have a nice pile of fish. We are catching walleyes from 6 to 20 foot of water. Lindy Rattlen Flyers tipped with a minnow head seems best. The tip up bite for walleye hasn't been as good as the past years. Perch fishing is all over the board. One day you'll do good and the next will be none. The perch are 20 to 52 foot of water with the east end being the best.  Here's a 2.04 oz hog Scott Gooder got on a guided trip.
  29 inches 11 lbs   28 inches 9lbs      

1/17/13 Fishing Report



1/16/13 Fishing Report
Fishing is up and down along with the weather. Walleye are running a little on the small side this year with some real nice ones taken here and there. Perch fishing is all over the board here one day and gone the next. Depths from 27 to 50 foot of water. Pike action is really good.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

1/3/13 Fishing Report
Well, fishing remains stable over all with a few bumps in the road. Walleyes Are going from 6 to 20 foot. A wide range. The east end has been best for perch 35 to 50 foot of water. Here are some picture of some catch's from the last week  Keep your lines tight. 
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

12/26/12 Fishing Report
The season Sure has started out with a bang. We found a nice school of perch in 40 foot of water and what fun it was. Walleye action is good over all a little hit and miss. Ice conditions are great, 14 to 20 inches and counting. We maybe have 4 inches of snow on the lake so travel is good. We have a few openings left in March if anyone is interested.
Keep your lines tight.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

12/18/12 Fishing Report
Well we had our first group of the 2012/13 ice fishing season. We had a great mix bag of fish. Walleye on structure jigging Lindy Rattle'n flyers tipped with minnow heads. Perch fishing has started out good with most fish 25 to 30 foot of water on the mud flats.  Our ice is doing well we have 8 to 14 inches of ice on most of the lake. If you venture out by yourself check with local bait shops for hazard areas. We still have a few openings in March if anyone is interested.  Keep you lines tight.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

Click on theyellow  link to the left to see video catching this fish12/4/12 Fishing Report
We have ice 4 to 10 inches depending what part of the lake your on. We will start guiding Dec. 15th. I have been fishing a bit in the afternoons for Walleye and it has been very good. Jigging Lindy Flyers and tip ups tipped with flatheads are both working. I have not tried for Perch yet, next week. I'll be doing a in store at Cabellas in Grand Forks if anyone wants to stop in and say high. See you on the Ice :-)  Click here to view ice fishing movie from today.  It is in .MOV format. Your computer will open it with an application that is already installed.  Otherwise open it with QuickTime.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

11/24/2012 Fishing Report
Well deer hunting is winding down out here in ND that means its time to break out the ice fishing gear. With the cold weather we have been having the northern parts of Devils Lake and smaller lakes around the area have ice on them. Good reports are coming in on Perch, Walleye and Pike. 3 to 5 inches seems to be the rule right now. We do have more cold weather lined up so I think we will be on the west end in a week or so. With the Perch Numbers up we are hoping to have another great year on the ice. We still have a few openings in Dec. and Jan. if you want to take advantage of some of the best Ice fishing of the year.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

11/16/2012 Fishing Report
With cold temps small lakes have about 3 inches of ice with Devils lake most open. I'll be reporting every week to keep you updated.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

9/10/2012 Fishing Report
This season is chalking up to be one of the best on record. Fishing is still stronger than ever. Spinners, trolling lead core, jigging, bobber fishing and casting cranks is how you can catch fish. Depth range 3 to 25 foot. And that's a fact. Pick a piece of structure and fish it the way you want and you'll catch fish. Here are some pictures of some nice fish from the last week.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

8/22/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing remains very strong. I know I sound like a broken record but spinners in 8 to 12 ft of water on the wind blown shorelines with crawlers is working best. Pitching lindy shadlings along the shorelines is working for bigger fish but the bites are spread out. Bobber fishing is working well on the humps with leeches as well. It seems a lot more bigger fish are showing them selfs. I feel Sept. is going to be one for the record books.

8/15/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing remains very good on Devils Lake with limits coming in every day. Most walleyes are coming from 8 to 10 feet of water pulling cranks or spinners. Bobber fishing the humps is also working well. We have a few slots open in Sept. if you would like to book a trip.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

8/3/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing remains great, limits of Walleye every day along with pike. We are even getting a few perch mixed in. Spinners and crawlers are the best in 8 to 12 foot of water. We do a a pitching bite going but it takes awhile to get a limit. Bobbers and jig fishing is working well on humps. We still have a few openings for the summer if you want to make the trip.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

7/28/2012 Fishing Report
Bobbers, jigging, casting cranks, trolling, pulling Bottom bouncers with crawlers. You will catch fish! You can literally catch fish in any depth you want. Bigger fish are shallow and it takes a lot of patience to get them. Fish a little deeper and you'll get numbers and some nice eaters.

Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

7/17/2012 Fishing Report
Well even with temps into the 90's the walleye action is nonstop, pulling spinners, bobber fishing and pitching jigs and crank baits are all working great. Most of the nicer fish are coming less than 12 foot of water. Crawlers and leeches are the bait of choice. We still have a few openings yet this summer if you want to make a trip out.
Call Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

7/3/2012 Fishing Report  
Well customers from IA seem to be the norm for this year. We had a family of 8 out for three days and they smashed the walleye. The bite was best early in the morning with the flat calm conditions and the third day of there trip we had some wind and landed some really nice eyes. You can catch fish doing anything right now. We pulled spinners in 10 to 14 foot of water along shorelines and road beds. A couple of my guides also had good luck slip bobbering the bumps on the flats. We still have a couple open slots if you want to plan a trip.

6/29/2012 Fishing Report
Well the fishing is really good. The water temp is from 65 to 70 you can catch fish slip bobber fishing, casting cranks and pulling spinners seem to be best. The best fishing times seem to be early morning and then 1 pm to 3 pm. Perch pattern spinners seem to be working best with a two hook harness tipped with a crawler.

6/22/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing has been very good for us. Bobbers, spinners and pitching jigs with sliders and assassins or shadlings has all. Even productive. Bobber fishing along with spinners have been best in 7 to 12 foot of water. If your going to pitch put your boat in 8 ft of water and cast to the wind blown shoreline. We still have a couple openings if you want to get a trip in.  Jason Feldner Cell: 701-351-1294

5/26/2012 Fishing Report
Well despite this cold front with a high of 50 degrees we managed to catch fish. Water temps dropped to 50 to 55 degrees. In return we stopped casting cranks and plastic and went to slip Bobbering shore lines. The pike are s very active. With the warmer temps this next week I think we will be back to 50 fish days.

5/17/2012 Fishing Report
After a slow week of fishing the bug hatch is about over and the fishing really picked up. Pitching lead heads and plastics along wind blown shorelines has been best for us. The afternoons seem to be a little better fishing than the mornings. Anglers are having good luck shore fishing for walleyes the last two hours of day light. Water temps are in the high 50's and the fishing is just heating up.

5/7/2012 Fishing Report
Well the Walleye are wrapping up there spawn. We had some great fishing this spring mainly on rocky shorelines, The males where thick. I think its going to be a great season. We had no run off this spring so that meant no current coming into the lake this spring. In return we didn't have a huge number of fish head north. So that means they stayed in the main part of the lake so it should be a great season. Everything we are catching is less than four foot of water. Lead heads and sliders (plastics) have been the best for me. Bring a lot of tackle the pike are on fire. I'll be doing a lot more fishing in the next week or so so stay tuned.

4/11/2012 Fishing Report
Well the ice left us one month earlier than last year. WOW! the pike have spawned out and the walleyes should start around the week of the 20th. With the early ice out I predict that we are going to have a great May for fishing unlike the last two years where it was hit and miss. We have been out a few times for the pre-spawn bite and it has been good. Some big females and some nice eater males. The shore fishing has been hit and miss from what I hear but pretty good. Channel A and the coulee bridges along with church's ferry have been the best. I hear since the pike have spawned they are really heating up. I will get back to fishing and get you guys another report soon.

Jason Feldner
Perch~Eyes Outfitters and Lodging
Po Box 191
Minnewaukan, ND 58351
Home: 701-473-2533
Cell: 701-351-1294 Or

3/18/2012 Fishing Report
Well we have cancelled the rest of the ice fishing season due to our warm weather. I thought I would show some of our last catch's for the season. I will post some reports in may when we get the boats out.

3/10/2012 Fishing Report
Well fishing was a little more hit and miss this last week with all the front but still managed to get some good fish. Here are some pics for you to check out. Also looks like some really warm weather coming in, should make for some great fishing. 

3/06/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing still remains good, these guys from Iowa got there limit of perch over the weekend:-), the ice is in great shape. 30 inches. We did get about 5 inches of snow but that will be short lived with the warmer weather coming. We still have a couple days open in March if you want to cash in on some fishing. 
Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

3/01/2012 Fishing Report
Perch fishing this last week has been very good. The perch have been going at all depths any where from 18 to 50ft. East devils lake and the main lake have been the best. Walleye fishing this last week was a little slower than the past. I guess the perch made up for it. Here's some pictures of the last couple groups we had in.  Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

2/27/2012 Fishing Report
Scott Beshorners group managed to get 200 perch and around 35 walleyes and a hand full of pike on the 3 day adventure with Perch Eyes. We had a little weather system come through while they where here and the fishing stayed strong. The rest of the week looks to be warming so the fishing should stay good. We have just a few open dates left for the winter do if you want to get something set up for next year give us a call. Good fishing to you all. 

2/24/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing still remains good:) these guys from MN had there limit of eyes and 30 perch to go with them and one tipping the scale at 2 pounds. The walleyes are still biting on shoreline structure and mid lake humps. The perch are biting from one end of the lake to the other. Depths from 10 to 50 feet of water. Get of the edge of the structure and start drilling holes. We still have some dates in March open of you want to make the trip out.

2/18/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing remains strong. Here are some pictures from the last 3 days. The action for the walleye is only about the first hour of the day. Jogging Lindy Rattle'n flyers tipped with a minnow head has been working well along with tip ups tipped with a plain hook and a large fat head minnow. Perch action is good but slow. I'm saying this because you get little spurts during the day sometime you'll fish for a hour with nothing and bam you'll get 5 in 5 min. And then you sit and wait again. We have tried drilling g a 100 holes but it seems you catch more by sitting still still have a few openings yet this winter.

2/14/2012 Fishing Report
Steve Bouwmen and his son spent a day on the lake with us and hit the perch. They had 6 walleyes, 2 pike and there 40 perch. Great job guys. Fishing slowed a a little but rebounded nice. It seem like every part of the lake is producing fish deep to shallow it's just one of those winters.  Good luck to all and we hope we can be a part of your next trip to Devils Lake.

02/11/2012 Fishing Report
Well as you can see these lady's from WI. Had some good fishing despite the full moon this last week. The walleye fishing has been good but the window of for catching is short but sweet.  Perch fishing this week was a touch slower. I think The reason is the cold weather. The reason I say this is when it was warmer we could get out and hole jump. When its cold everyone wants to stay put and warm. This next week is going to get in the upper 20's so the catch rate will go up. We still have just a few openings left if you still want to make a trip out. The ice is 22 to 24 inches and no snow so conditions are great.

02/03/2012 Fishing Report
Well despite all the fog this week the fishing was still good. Nothing fast but just enough to keep you interested. These guys had a great day with a limit of walleyes and 34 perch one tipped the scale at 2.09 pounds a true lunker.

Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

02/03/2012 Fishing Report
Fish remains stable. Walleyes are still going shallow 12 feet and under. Lindy flyers tipped with a minnow head has been best along with tip-ups tipped with a minnow. Perch are all over the board camp Grafton, east bay, east Devils lake and lake Ervin has been best for perch. Just a few openings left this winter if you want to come out don't wait. Keep your lines tight.

01/27/2012 Fishing Report
Fishing has been up and down this week along with the weather. If we get one stable day the fish go good. When we get fronts every day the fish are on and off, on and off like a light switch. It still hasn't been bad fishing we are just a little spoiled this year. Walleyes are still shallow and the perch are both. Westill have a few openings for this winter so don't Wait to long.
Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

01/23/2012 Fishing Report
Well the fishing still remains consistent. The walleyes are still shallow 5 to 10 foot of water seems best, Lake Ervin is the most consistent bite. We have a shallow perch bite and a deep bite going. When the sun shines perch fishing has been best. The best areas are the dome house and east devils lake. We have a few dates open so if you want to make it out here shoot us a email and we will see what we can do for you.  Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

01/20/2012 Fishing Report
Well we had a cold front and it pushed us to 20 inches of ice. We had one day hiccup with the cold front and back to catching fish. These photos at two day fishing for these guys. They no how to work a jig. Lindy flyers on old shorelines for the walleyes and mud flats for the Perch. Lake Ervin has been the best but it takes a lot of holes to get on them but when you do this is what you get. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND TAKE A KID FISHING! 
Jason Feldner  Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170  -

01/18/2012 Fishing Report
People ask us what we do on our day off? Kyle and I go fishing to find new spots for our next group that comes in. We got a huge cold front and are gaining inches of ice per day. We are sitting at about 18 inches. Fishing remains strong. Walleyes still coming shallow 8 to 12 feet. Perch are coming from 10 to 40 ft. Of water. Lindy rattle'n flyers have been best for perch and Walleye.

01/17/2012 Fishing Report
Kevin Komorouski had a great day with us on Devils. He got his 10 walleyes and his 25 perch with our guide Kyle, GOOOD JOB Kyle. Fishing remains good out here I would say the best fishing in 5 years. The cation isn't fast but nice and steady. Walleyes are still coming 6 to 12 feet and the perch are all over the board. I have been doing some photo shoots the last couple days so not much to report on my end. We have a big group coming in this weekend so we should have a bunch of pics for you to enjoy.

01/15/2012 Fishing Report
Well we are on the back side of the full moon and fishing is picking up. We only had a couple guys out the last few days due to a group coming in a week early last year. One good thing about having a few days off we got out and scout fished and found some new perch and walleye spots. Jigging lindy flyers tipped with minnow heads are working best for perch and walleye this week. Lake Ervin seems to be the place to fish this winter. For those of you that don't know the area lake Ervin is connected to Devils Lake. Walleyes seem to be biting every place you go you just have to weed through the little ones. We still have a few openings yet this winter with some of the best yet to come. GO PACKERS:))))

01/08/2012 Fishing Report
Bob from MI got 17 perch, 5 walleyes and a pike on a guided trip on Jan. 8th, we also had another group out that had a great mixed bag along with a huge Pike. Great job guys. Walleyes are coming shallow 6 to 10 foot on tip ups tipped with minnows, jigging lindy flyers is also working. Perch are coming on small jigs and wax worms. -
Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170

01/06/2012 Fishing Report
I sound like a broken record, The fishing remains very good. Walleye being the most consistent. Check out this day of great fishing. Just a hand full of openings left for this winter.
Jason Feldner -
Home: 701-473-2533  Cell: 701-351-1294 Or  701-351-8170

01/05/2012 Fishing Report
1/4/12 As you can see fishing still remains good. This father and son ended up with 32 nice perch and there limit of walleyes. Tip ups tipped with minnows and jigging lindy rattle'n flyers tipped with minnow heads. The perch seem to be all over the board from 10 to 30 FOW. We still have a few openings for the winter so please give us a call.

01/01/2012 Fishing Report
Happy new year everyone. Walleye fishing remains very strong in the mornings and afternoons. Lindy flyers tipped with minnow heads have been best. Also tip ups tipped with live minnows has been best. The per fishing has been good also and a little hit and miss. Check out the catch Dion, Tracey, Mitchell and Shelle all from WI. GREAT JOB!

Tourney Report
Feldner wins final Western Division FLW qualifier wire-to-wire - 2010

Devils Lake Domination
By Brett Carlson -  31.Jul.2010

Pro Jason Feldner (right) and co-angler Don Karlgaard caught a five-fish limit Saturday weighing 15 pounds, 13 ounces. Each won their respective divisions. (Photo by Brett Carlson)
Pro Jason Feldner (right) and co-angler Don Karlgaard caught a five-fish limit Saturday weighing 15 pounds, 13 ounces. Each won their respective divisions. (Photo by Brett Carlson) By Brett Carlson - 31.Jul.2010
DEVILS LAKE, N.D. – As a full time guide, Jason Feldner spends over 200 days a year on Devils Lake, his favorite body of water. To say he’s in tune with its seasonal walleye migration is a severe understatement. But when the ice finally receded on Devils this spring, even he struggled with the high-water conditions.

After coming up empty in his traditional honeyholes, Feldner finally gave up and began treating Devils as a new body of water. Some of his favorite trees had been ripped away by the ice and other productive areas suddenly had an additional five feet of water on them. It took some time, but the Minnewaukan, N.D., native finally figured it out. He started putting his clients on good fish and then a few months later the FLW Walleye Tour rolled into town.

Most of the Tour pros started practice by returning to their favorite trees. Just like Feldner and other locals learned months earlier, this is a different Devils Lake. The bobber bite was off altogether and the crankbait bite was just so-so.

Feldner was dialed in from the start. On day one he caught a limit weighing 17 pounds, 15 ounces – taking over a lead he would never relinquish. Days two and three were more difficult, but he still managed sizeable stringers – 15-2 and 15-13 to be precise.

“I was pulling Lindy spinners in Pelican Lake in 9 to 12 feet of water,” said Feldner. “The blades I’m using just came out at ICAST a few weeks ago. Bluegill, perch and fathead minnow were my main three patterns. Fathead minnow was better in the sun and perch and bluegill were good when it was cloudy.”

Earlier in the week, Feldner also mixed in the new Lindy Shadling, but on the final day all of his keepers came on the spinners. Behind those blades was a two-hook crawler harness.

“I was fishing the bottom of the water column and trolling at approximately 1 to 1.5 mph.”

The bite was slow early Saturday. In fact, Feldner’s first two spots, the same areas that produced nearly all of his opening-round weight, were void of fish.

“We had nothing in the livewell at 11 a.m. Then we moved to our third spot, a spot I’d been saving for the finals, and finally we found active fish. We had one 400- to 500-yard stretch where we caught all eight. At about noon, the big kicker hit. In those two hours, I bet we caught 20 or so. Once they turn on, they turn on. And you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time.”

With the addition of optional pot money the 37-year-old earned $17,750.

For more information on his guide service, visit


Congratulations go out to Lund Pro Jason Feldner and his fishing partner Chris Koth on their $30,000 win at the Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit Championship held at Devil’s Lake, ND August 22-24, 2007. 

Jason and Chris are both from Minnewauken, ND and guide on Devil’s Lake year round. This makes two wins in as many years for Jason on Devil’s Lake. Jason also took the title of “Champion” home when he won the 2006 Professional Walleye Trail event at Devil’s.

Jason and Chris lead after the first two days of competition with a total of 23.74 lbs. In the Lowrance Pro Team format, only the top 13 teams advance to the final day and all teams start over at 0.00 lbs. On day 3, it took Jason and Chris only eleven minutes to put a limit of walleyes in the boat. They estimated those 5 to weigh about 22 lbs.

North Dakota is a no cull state, so you can put eight fish in your livewell and weigh your biggest five. Once you put your 8th fish in the livewell you must quit fishing and return to the weigh-in location. It only took them another hour to add three more fish in the 6-7 lb. range to complete their day of fishing by 9:30 a.m. and allowed them to weigh a final day five fish limit of 31.29 lbs! What an amazing catch.

Jason and his wife Shelle own and operate Percheyes guide service out of Minnewauken. He has also been featured on John Gillespie’s Waters and Woods TV show shown on Fox Sports North.

      I had a chance to fish my first PWT walleye tourney this year and ended up winning it on my first try. The first day I came in at 10:30 am with 28 pounds of walleye for five fish, I was in second place. Day two I came in at 11:00 am with 26 pounds of walleye to hold myself in second place. Day three took me all day to catch 21.42 pounds to put me in first place and to win the tourney with a 7 pound gap between me and second place. It was awesome! My three day total was a little over 75 pounds of Walleye for 15 fish. I guess all that time on the water paid off.

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